Consulting Services and Resume

With many years experience working in ICT-related jobs I have broad experience in the use of office methods, applications & processes, consulting and ICT procurement.  I can use these capabilities to undertake a range of activities including:

  • Advisory services for procurement activities;
  • Technical authoring for bid or tender documents;
  • Providing one-to-one coaching on use of office applications;
  • Process engineering – evaluation and tailored design and implementation.

Professional resume

High Level Summary

I have well-developed skills in Analysis, Business Management & complex Sales (technical, legal & commercial) as well as industry experience in Public Sector (Health, Central Civil & Criminal Justice), Shipping, Brewing, Travel, Insurance, Banking & Pharmaceuticals.


Having started my career in the pharmaceutical industry (Allen & Hanbury – now subsumed within GlaxoSmithKline), I developed skills in office documentation design, process work and introduction of office equipment and furniture to ensure efficient workflow.

I then moved to a (relatively) small corporate, Ellerman Lines, who owned a diverse group of free-standing companies including travel, brewing, insurance and shipping subsidiaries. This allowed me to develop broader industry experience and was instrumental in developing a skill to learn quickly about key organisational drivers and to adapt accordingly.

Through a number of industry divestments and mergers the Ellerman Lines job moved seamlessly through Ellerman City Liners and then Cunard Ellerman during which time my role changed radically to a technical services role supporting all computers (PCs upwards) and networks in the company eventually moving to a new development role within the new HQ company, Trafalgar House.

Trafalgar House saw me developing project management and wider, more detailed, technical skills in telecommunications, being responsible for a multi-million pound project developing a corporate network for voice and data and offering a range of services to all subsidiary companies (including construction, house-building, shipping and engineering).  Having built the network to time and budget I was then responsible for outsourcing it giving me an exposure to contract negotiations at a high level I had not previously had.

Moving with my department into Mercury Communications (the UK subsidiary of Cable & Wireless) I then developed new skills including sales, business management, technical authoring and much more culminating in a Senior Consulting role in Major Bids where I assumed total responsibility for bidding new contracts through to final contract negotiation in a range of industry sectors. Many of these bids required innovative solutions in either a technical or commercial context and selling solutions both internally through governance processes and externally. Many contracts were worth in excess of £25m per year.

If you would like to read a more detailed resume please download the attached pdf file here.