Photography for your publicity or design needs

Mountnessing Windmill at sunset

Since I was quite young I have always been interested in photography and taken care to ensure that I surrounded myself with the right equipement to create photo aspects – photography tools and inspiration that deliver acceptable results.  My commitment to quality also saw me take evening classes to A-level to develop my skills and eye for composition.  Having now embraced the new digital-age of photography I can undertake a range of tasks for you including:

  • Producing photographs for your website or publicity material;
  • Digital image manipulation & retouch;
  • Economy event-photography.

I should first of all make it plain that I am not intending to compete with the services a full-time professional photographer would provide you.  My intention is to provide services that complement my other capabilities or provide an economic alternative to a professional where the need is less formal.

Website & publicity photographs

If you find that your equipment lacks the quality necessary for your website or publicity material I can produce good quality digital images to meet your particular requirements whether they are for a website, a press release or a business brochure.

River at ElyOrnamental Water Lily

One favourite photo of mine which seems to get a regular spring airing in the local Gazette newspaper, portrays bluebells in Weald Country Park:

Weald Country Park - Blasted Oak surrounded by bluebells

Digital image manipulation & retouch

Sometimes you almost have the photograph you want but a stray element just stops it being perfect.  Other times you might have two pictures that between them have all the elements you want, maybe you just want the colours to be slightly different.  I’ll happily have a go at fixing these problems for you.  The following are examples of where I have done this previously.

Removal of unwanted elements

The yellow signpost immediately behind the main subject in this picture on the left proves to be a distraction.  Careful editing can remove this element seamlessly.

Move your mouse cursor over the picture to show how a little editing can change the image.

Replacing inconsistent photo elements

Unfortunately, in this picture Stephen chose just the wrong moment to close his eyes.

Having a similar photo with his eyes open allowed a subtle change to be made.  If you move your mouse over the picture you will see Stephen’s head is replaced seamlessly with a new one.


Maybe you just have an old black and white image that you would like updated and colourised?

The following is an example of this where the original image was scanned at 600dpi, blemishes and imperfections removed and colour added.  The colours are deliberately evocative of photo-tinting techniques quite popular in the time the original photograph was taken.  Once again if you move the cursor over the picture you will see the effect.